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 Prosthetics and Orthopaedics produktuebersicht_prothetic
The Stump Socks are made from certified high-quality yarns and are delivered pre-washed. The skin will not be stressed with residuals. The products are washable by machine at the statet maximum temperature and are dryer-proof. The Stump Socks have hand-linked toes and do not strain with pressure marks.
 Diabetics and Problem Foot produktuebersicht_diabetes
Functional suitable sockssupport our feet during their daily hard work. Especially for diabetics it is important to prevent injuries at their feet area by fitting footwear and good sitting socks. Special socks without a binding elastic cuff, hand-linked toes, with a perfect sit, without creases and pressure marks made from certified highquality materials can be very effective.
We are offering a broad range of diabetic and comfort socks which meet these requirements.
 Business, Sports and Nature produktuebersicht_business

In this category you can find:

  • the products from our Diabetics Programme, but with a light ribcuff as Comfort- and Business Articles, also with hand-linked toes
  • Functional Socks made from modern yarns for sport and spare-time activities
  • Natural Products made from 100% Cotton, Angora and New Wool Socks with classic patterns

For these products we also offer the general possibility to incorporate house advertising or even personal monograms.

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