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Products for highest possible wearing comfort

The Stump Socks are made from certified high-quality yarns and are delivered pre-washed. The skin will not be stressed with residuals. The products are washable by machine at the statet maximum temperature and are dryer-proof. The Stump Socks have hand-linked toes and do not strain with pressure marks.

Stump Sock Types

Lower-Limb (BK)
with and without hole
Upper-Limb (AK)
with and without hole
Stump Sock for children/arm
with and without hole

Stump Sock with
wedge insertion
for knee-ex

us_mit_ohne_loch os_mit_ohne_loch kind-arm keil_knie-ex
Wool Stump Sock Stump Sock
for volume adjustment
with and without hole
Lower-Limb (BK)
with open ending
Lower-Limb (BK)
with machine closed aperture
wollstumpfstrumpf volumenausgleich us_offener_abschluss us_verdrehte_spitze

Knitting types

    • smooth/medium
    • smooth/fine
    • Frottee (Terry)
    • Double Frottee (Terry) upon request

      Types with and without hole

      The delivery ex stock is conducted with a hole with a diameter of 12 mm. Other sizes are realisable upon request.

      Individual custom made products

      We manufacture custom-made products after detailed consultation.